Inman Shipping Worldwide is America's oldest, largest and most reliable international shipping service.

Over the past 35 years, Inman has become the leader in nationwide shipping reaching every corner of all 50 states and now every corner of the world!
Inman has representatives throughout the United States and most of Canada. We guarantee our price and the quality of service that we provide. Being the oldest continuous shipping service in the United States, we are often copied, but are never equaled. Funeral directors have called on us with complete confidence for many decades. Whatever your assignment, we will perform it in the manner you would expect.

Inman Shipping Worldwide now offers its same experience, integrity, and personal service globally. We are everywhere you need us to be.

Everything our top-notch people have always done to serve funeral directors throughout the U.S., Canada, Alaska, Great Britain, and the Caribbean is now offered on a worldwide basis. We have accomplished this growth through our carefully assembled network of highly trained and experienced professionals.

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