Bilingual Customer Service Representatives Are Available
Bilingual Customer Service Representatives Are Available


Inman Shipping Worldwide Announces Monica Torres as National Account Manager

David W. McComb, President and CEO of Inman Worldwide Shipping, is proud to announce and welcome nationally recognized embalmer Monica Torres (previously of NXT Generation Mortuary Support) as the company’s National Account Manager. “The addition of Monica Torres, to our already outstanding team of funeral professionals, will help to insure that we are providing the best service possible to the funeral directors we serve. Monica’s extensive knowledge of the latest embalming techniques and procedures will be an asset to both our staff and our service providers in the field.” McComb says.

McComb continues to blaze a trail in the funeral industry with innovative approaches to the shipment of human remains. Constantly looking for new opportunities to serve the evolving wants and needs of funeral industry professionals and the families they serve, McComb believes in the importance of harnessing new technologies and processes. His focus is to provide funeral directors and embalmers the products and skills needed to offer families the best experience possible as well as to better serve those in their care.

Ms. Torres will spearhead the initiative to raise embalming standards and to collaborate with Inman service providers, by assisting with the hard cases and challenges they are facing in their preparatory rooms. Ms. Torres, a LFD, LE, Reconstructive Specialist and Desairologist, will additionally be available to offer advanced continuing accredited education credits, in embalming and innovative training techniques, to Inman’s service providers in the comfort of their own funeral homes and prep rooms. Along with this unique service, Ms. Torres will also be available to assist Inman service providers and customers alike with software training, product knowledge and act as a liaison for funeral homes to help better serve funeral directors and their families. Torres says, “Being able to support the embalming community in the trenches of their preparatory rooms has been a career long dream for me. I am proud to have the opportunity to be a part of a forward-thinking organization that is committed to the future of embalming and dedicated to the professionals that execute our craft.”


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